Thursday, December 19, 2013

that look

When I look at you, I recognized that decent look. and you were such an experience. What we shared is the one that I will never forget. I will remember you for who you are. Since the day we met, I barely forget the look. I still reminiscence the look. As if our eyes had joint and nothing will break that, ever.

It was a great time when we were together, no doubt! You've helped me through this and I owe you big this time. Yet still, I can't hardly forget the look by your eyes as you were leaving. You looked at me and smiled. We had our eyes attached, then. And the rest were the memoirs of the eyes.

You were always there whenever my heart called you. You had to sense the calls. You never ignored the calling even though you had a day already. I was an addiction to start a day over your "good morning" and "goodnight" wish. 

How I wish I could lend your eyes and I wish for a lifetime look-on-me.
How I wish I could get the look again, and again.
How I wish you could  look at me the same way, eternally.
How I wish I could photograph the look on papers and keep them till the end of time.
How I wish I could tell you how much the look mean to me...

Thanks for such a lovable and inspiring look you have given to me... Hope you will always be.