Tuesday, August 26, 2014

transition phase

Alhamdulillah syukur... semua nya berjalan dengan lancar. despite all the imperfections, afterall, we only human. chewah, kemain ko bermadah helah disini. Selamat menjadi puan kepada diri sendiri. now ada lebih banyak hati perlu dijaga... dan semoga Allah mengurniakan maturities kepada kami dalam mengendalikn urusan ini.

sebak... lebih kepada lega. (jujur sgt ke statement ni?) mungkin jugak sebab bila lupa pakai cincin kawin pun dh tarik muka, ampun kn sy pakcik... sy masih dalam probation period. but i will try my best to be the very best wife for you, the very best daughter in law for your parents and sister in law to your siblings.

tq to all for the dua, wishes and thoughts that only Allah would pay. May Allah our ease our business and grant us Jannah. InsyaAllah. Tq for realizing the wedding plans and tq for all the support, commitments and gifts. Your efforts were highly appreciated and no other words can describe our gratitude.

And for you, thanks for marrying me. thanks for choosing me as your wife, your best friend and most importantly thank you for accepting me as part of your life. May Allah grant us his Jannah, love and forgiveness. i love you with all of my heart till the end of time....

p/s: lagu tema yang bermain di fikiran adalah: ... (rahsia)

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