Sunday, December 27, 2015

2015... January to March

The first and maybe the last entry for this year. Sambil tulips entry ni, samba dgr lagu photograph- ed sheeran

I had my birthday celebration, we went back to kampung and it was fun! the first birthday with my lovely Baymax. Pergi penuhkan perut kat MELETOP Steamboat and odw balik KL jumpa Balqis. Masa bulan ni, first trip to Perlis. Naik flight KUL-Alor Setar, Driver from Seberang Prai ambil kitorang an site visit to TPM.

Nothing much happened this month, wedding at Lakai. Congrats Ila & husband. and a big congratulations to my insurance agent aka ex-schoolmate (MRSM Qtan) and they're expecting Feb baby. May Allah bless you all with His Happiness and Blessing. Oh, and Abg Hattassan got engaged!

The first job trip to TPM, and for the love of the life, Syah picked me up in Perlis. He came all the way from KL-Perlis alone. On our back to KL, we stopped by at Penang, slept over at one of the hotel with Balinese interior design (bed just like they had in Twilight movie) and rain shower! we took some pictures at the murals and guess what. It was an enjoyable trip although our production was failed and contaminated. We really enjoyed Perlis, Penang food such as pulut mangga, tomyam, meet tulang etc. We went to Cameron too for Pojie's wedding.

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